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Andreas Angelidakis. I used to build my feelings, now I watch them leave

by Arshake |     13 February 2018

Andreas Angelidakis’s work – always attentive to architecture, space (liquid and real) and the passing of time – continues in a special exhibition at Loge in Brussels, a no-profit space dedicated to art, architecture and contemporary theory, founded by architect Philippe Rotthier.

Antiquity and ruin, two themes present in the artist’s Greek DNA, form an inherent part of animated videos, 3D prints of decorations taken from existing buildings and digital objects that function as allegories of history. These silent structures are liberated from the current crisis and transported into a timeless dimension.

Consequently, the work by Andreas Angelidakis, who has expanded his architectural formation to become an all-round artist (including writing and editing as alternative forms of research), represents the portrayal of a fluid landscape moving in multiple dimensions, which comes together in man and his surrounding space and how they are arranged in the social state. As always in Angelidakis’ work, present and past are merged in the liquid fluidity of information – a lens through the past and its ‘ruins’ are comprehended and the future is imagined.

This vision together with the aim of Angelidakis’ research has led him to engage in constant experimentation and go beyond the limits which define genres and which mark the expressive forms taking shape.

These Internet operations, which have seen Angelidakis take part in NEEN, a movement founded by the versatile Miltos Manetas in 2000 – 3D printing, videos, architectural archives for online communities like Active World and 3D models of online prototypes as ghost reproductions of the real world – represent research that oscillates between liquid and physical space; moving between reality, clearly examined in all its political and social manifestations, and fiction – a past and present projected in the imagination of multiple futures.

«Andreas Angelidakis. I used to build my feelings, now I watch them leave», La Loge, Brussells, 8.02–24.03, 2018

images (all): «I used to build my feelings, now I watch them leave, a selection of works by Andreas Angelidakis», La Loge, Brussells, 8.02–24.03, 2018, courtesy of the artist and La Loge 2.

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