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Call for participation > CYBORG FUTURES

Veronica He |     1 December 2016
cyborg_foundation_design_yourselfCALL FOR PARTICIPATION > CYBORG FUTURES
Deadline: December 19th, 2016
Notification to the authors: January 3, 2017
When: January – May, 2017
Where: New York, Usa

How do you create a new sense or augment those that already exist in order to engender new forms of expression, creativity, and understanding? Cyborg Futures is an open call and collaboration between artists, technologists, designers, engineers, makers, and/or scientists to create and develop technologies that expand human capabilities and perception. Inspiration is drawn from the biosphere, where animals and plants relate through infrasound, radiation, sonar, as well as other forms of augmented realities.

LINK > website + mail: call2017@cyborgfutures.com

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