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by Arshake |     6 May 2017

The image captures the installation Autonomy Cube by Trevor Paglen, one of the many estenstions of the concept of sculpture, in this particular case meant to be used. It is, in fact a Wi-Fi hotspot from where to navigate the Internet. The peculiarity is that the access goes beyond the navigation skin managed by the market and it connects to the network Tor, a global network that favors anonymous exchange. This work was about to be included at the MAXXI Museum in Rome within the show «Please Come Back. The World as a Prison?» when it was realized that it was not possible because of security reasons. The conflict between creative freedom and political-institutional grid is still open. Documenting the exclusion of the work on the catalogue that accompanies the show (Mousse, 2017) is already a step further in the discussion.

Trevor Paglen, Autonomy Cube, 2014, photo via


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