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FRAME > The Wall

by Arshake |     7 October 2017

Empty exhibition walls are captured and isolated by the photographic lens to become art works. We are talking about the work by Nina Kurtela, one of a series of 257 photographs of different venues, commercial or alternatives – permanent or temporary, visited by the artist around the city of Berlin. «Clean and clear in the idea – affirms Josipa Bubaš in the accompanying text – the work functions in several directions: it can be read as a historical document, as well as an overview of the Berlin exhibition spaces during the period of commercialization and as an insight into the artistic commodification of once iconic Berlin, twenty years after the destruction of the wall. These documents are silent when it comes to content and function as a sketch of absence».

Nina Kurtela, The Wall, from the series of 257 photos of different exhibition walls. 2017, photo via



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