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Percorsi: interview a Ren Hang

by Arshake |     2 June 2015


Arshake is pleased to present the interview to Ren Hang, realised within the special project  «Percorsi»  conceived by Terna in partnership with Arshake.

PERCORSI • Interview to Ren Hang

«Percorsi» is the special project realised by Terna in partnership with Arshake with which The Terna Prize renews its support for art. A special publishing project dedicated to the artists who have participated in and won the first five editions, since 2008.  The intention is to have a glimpse at the research process of each artist, as well as to give form to a reflection on the current state of culture. Arshake functions as a channel to involve, in the form of interviews, all the winners of the past editions. This means to build a reach archive of contributions on the Italian art scene, its dynamics, the future opportunities of reflecting on the percourse conducted by the Terna Prize in these last years. The interviews will be published on a weekly basis and will be archived in a dedicated space on the website.The Terna Prize is an annual appointment set up by Terna Corporation, the electricity grid transmission operator throughout Italy, for the purpose of supporting art and promoting Italy’s image by putting important resources to use.
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