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The International Artist’s Book Prize ‘Torrita di Siena’

by Arshake |     23 January 2018


Printed words, visual poetry, the book as an object, container, architectural miniature and nomadic suitcase filled with poetry, literature and art – all this is at the heart of Arshake’s interests. The continuity between the artist’s book (intended for general public distribution) and contemporary experiences has only recently been metabolized. There are some exceptions – of particular significance on the international scene – such as the Franklin Furnace in New York, which continued to collect artists’ books alongside its engagement with the performative arts, and the Flasch Artists’ Book Collection at The School of The Art Institute of Chicago, which explored digital art while pursuing its research on artists’ books and has since dedicated a part of its collection specifically to these experimental productions.

We are now glad to foster The International Artist’s Book Prize ‘Torrita di Siena’ , an open call for an exhibition that will take place in Torrita di Siena during the event ‘Borgo dei Libri’ in May 2018. Having reached its second edition, after a first important event focusing on the book and its history – particularly Abbeys as places of knowledge and art circulation – this year the Prize wants to pay attention to the moon.

The moon is Earth’s natural satellite and has always inspired man, leading him to dream and imagine other possible universes. «A place of fascination and contemplation – as introduces the press release to the theme – the moon still represents, almost 50 years after the first moon landing on 20 July 1969, a moment of necessary reflection. This is a theme that touches upon the individual and species. It invites us to rethink poetry and literature, the world of science and its discoveries, the sphere of mythology and various religions, as well as iconological text (both traditional and contemporary), science fiction, folklore and the more engaged field of anthropology».

The International Artist’s Book Competition Torrita di Siena is realised by The Fondazione Torrita Cultura, under the patronage of the Fondazione Filiberto e Bianca Menna, the Fondazione Leonardo Sinisgalli, the Accademia di Belle Arti L’Albertina di Torino, and the Accademia di Belle Arti di Macerata, with a sponsorship from Minerva Auctions and the media-partnership of Arshake, Insula Europea and OperaViva Magazine.

This year’s judging panel includes Rebecca Carnevali, Paola Gribaudo, Nicolas Martino, Enrico Pulsoni and Antonello Tolve. The Prize is divided into two sections and is open to Italian and Foreign Artists who produce an artist’s book and, in this second edition, use their illustrations to explore the Moon. The competition is also open to young people who have not yet turned 30 (in a specific Under30 section) and other artists, without any age limit, in the Over30 section.

You can download here the competition announcement

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