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Thirty Virtual Pavilions for a New Digital Biennial

by Arshake |     1 November 2013


Today, on November 1st, a new Digital Biennial is being inaugurated, «The Wrong Biennial», this is the title of this initiative that starts in São Paolo Brazil but that exist on the ether. Thirty Pavilions will be «built», in fact, online by 30 curators, artists, and organizations, showcasing the work of 300 artists from the International scene. On of these Pavilions is a work by Chiara Passa. This is of particular interest to us for its juxtaposing the computer with Augmented Reality, superimposing two strata of separation between the work and our eyes. This is the Pavilion of «Exploded reality!» as anticipated by its author:

«The theme of the Pavilion I’m curating for The Wrong Biennial, is inspired by the concept of impossible architecture: focusing upon the new idea of digital art surrealism driven mainly by incoming energy from web culture and the intellectual groups that grew in that background, developing amateur artworks using new technologies much like the way in which a magician uses a magic wand.
The ten artworks exhibited on both the sides of the Pavilion – sculptures, installations, images and videos –  appear to the eyes of the audience through Augmented Reality Technology. The artworks created by ten students from Rome’s Academy of Fine Arts are based upon concepts such as:  remix, détournement, digital surrealism, glitch-art, appearance, dream, sleep/awake, journey and unreality. The ten creations contextualized inside the Pavilion feature unexpected shifts in meaning.» (Chiara Passa). 
You can visit this Pavilion as well the other 29 ones sitting comfortably in front of your own computer. Enjoy!

The Wrong Biennial

The Wrong Curators leading pavilions: Jodi, Yoshi Sodeoka, Anthony Antonellis, Rollin Leonard, Lorna Mills, Curt Cloninger, Emilio Gomariz, Eric Mast, Chiara Passa, Max Hattler, A.Bill Miller, Helena Acosta, Peter Rahul, Miyö Van Stenis, Andrew Benson, Emilie Gervais, Rick Silva, Michaël Borras, Sara Ludy, Ellectra Radikal, Giselle Zatonyl, Protey Temen, Johann Velit, Michael Staniak, Gerhardt Rubio Swaneck, Rosa Menkman, Joseph Yølk Chiocchi, Cristina Ghetti, Julia Borges Araña, Guilherme Brandão e David Quiles Guilló.


1(cover) art by Protey Temen from the Wrong Biennial Homepage

Freedom, Giulio Villaggio, work depicted in The Pavilion by Chiara Passa realized for The «Wrong Biennial», 2013, courtesy of the artist

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