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by Arshake |     7 luglio 2017

Il  video documenta il lavoro dell’artista irlandese John Gerrard commissionato da Man-Made Planet di Channel 4, simulazione digitale del luogo dove si trovata uno dei pozzi di petrolio più importanti degli Stati Uniti, ora esaurito, a Spindletop in Texas, scoperto nel 1901. Il paesaggio è simulato nel suo esatto mutamento durante il corso del giorno e delle stagioni.

John Gerrard, WESTERN FLAG (SPINDLETOP, TEXAS), 2017, ccommissionato da Channel 4 e presentato in partnership con Somerset House, Londra.
Potete visitare qui il suo sito per essere aggiornati su tutte le sue partecipazioni in corso

Western Flag (Spindletop, Texas) 2017 depicts the site of the ‘Lucas Gusher’ – the world’s first major oil find – in Spindletop, Texas in 1901, now barren and exhausted. Gerrard has recreated the site as a digital simulation and placed at its centre a flagpole bearing a flag of perpetually-renewing pressurised black smoke. The computer generated Spindletop runs in exact parallel with the real site in Texas throughout the year: the sun rising at the appropriate times and the days getting longer and shorter according to the seasons. The simulation is non-durational (having no beginning or end) and is run live by software that is calculating each frame of the animation in real time as it is needed.Commissioned by Channel 4 for broadcast April 22nd 2017, Earth Day and presented in partnership with Somerset House.
Live presentation at Somerset House, Edmond J. Safra Fountain Court, WC2R 1LA London.

Supported by JJ Charitable Trust, Mark Leonard Trust, Ashden Trust and the Western Flag Supporters Circle


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