Young Italian Artists

Young Italian Artists – Contemporary Art Stories
Project conceived by Antonello Tolve, curated with Elena Giulia Rossi

Conceived during the health emergency that has changed global dynamics since March 2020, the Young Italian Artists project is a vehicle that aims to give space to key players in the contemporary art world, who are under 35, and introduce the public to a creative perspective that works, that questions and reflects on the present, that establishes a connection with things and wants to distance itself from what is fashionable, hurriedly contrived – the thorny muddle that distinguishes the weak empty artistic output of today. Intended as an open construction site, the project aims to collect reflections solely from Italian artists, asking them to recount first-hand their small everyday experiences, works in progress or, perhaps, even a simple, significant thought which can become part of a catalogue of Italian contemporary art that is also a collector of emotions, a virtual common-life archive and a collective project focusing on the individual and creative aspects of society, without which – as Dewey said of his pedagogical creed (1897) – we are left only with an inert and lifeless mass.


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