404 Festival, born in the city of Rosario in December 2004, is an independent non-profit organization whose main objective is to promote and spread artistic productions around the world in the field of electronic art, generating a production environment in which the authors are interrelated.


The ARS ELECTRONICA FESTIVAL premiered on September 18, 1979. This pilot project was designed to take the Digital Revolution’s emergence as an occasion to face important questions about the future and to focus these inquiries on the nexus of ART, TECHNOLOGY and SOCIETY. Since 1986, the festival has been held annually and dedicated to a specific theme. In 1979, the festival lineup was a short list: 20 artists and scientists. Three decades later, several hundred network nomads, theoreticians, artists and technologists from all over the world convene in Linz each year, and about 550 journalists and bloggers report from the Ars Electronica venue.

Atopic is an International festival of Machinima, films realized inside the video-game world, that takes place in Paris every year.


The UK’s largest festival of digital art, music and moving image. The first AV Festival ran between 8 – 22 November 2003, with over one hundred events across three towns in two weeks. Over 35 new works were commissioned, including new pieces by Richard Fenwick and The Light Surgeons.The second AV Festival – LifeLike took place over ten days between 2-12 March 2006, again held in the three major urban centres of the North East: NewcastleGateshead, Sunderland and Middlesbrough.
AV Festival is a leading international Festival of contemporary art, music and film. A biennial event, the Festival is thematically curated to engage audiences with current ideas across art, society and technology.
The Festival commissions new work, and curates thematic strands of internationally significant existing work. Each Festival consists of around 20 exhibitions and 60 special events including concerts, film screenings and talks, simultaneously across Newcastle, Gateshead, Sunderland and Middlesbrough.
Past editions of the Festival have taken place biennially since 2006, with a pilot edition in 2003. Since then it has developed to become a significant international event, achieving both public and critical acclaim. The evolution of what was previously a ten-day Festival to a month long edition in 2012, aims to create greater engagement.

The Festival is built on collaboration and partnership working and has a strong network of supporters across the North East, and around the world. Our partners include major regional venues including mima Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art, The Sage Gateshead, Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, Tyneside Cinema and Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums.

The last edition of the Festival was delivered in 2010. Over ten-days it achieved a 65% increase in audience attendance to 70,000 visits, including a 135% increase in visitors from outside the North East. It worked in partnership with 31 cultural venues, engaged 140 artists, 164 volunteers, commissioned 20 new works and created £1.25 of economic output per pound invested. In 2009 and 2012 AV Festival won a Silver Award at the North East Tourism Awards.


The biennial Boston Cyberarts Festival celebrates a long tradition of technological and artistic innovation throughout Massachusetts. The Festival showcases artists and high-technology professionals from around the world who use new technology to advance traditional visual and performing arts disciplines.  The Festival includes exhibitions of visual arts; music, dance, and theatrical performances; film and video presentations; educational programs; and lecture/demonstrations and symposia. Events take place at locations in and around Boston, including theatres, museums, galleries, artists’ studios, educational institutions, and other public spaces.


The mission of the Deaf Arts Festival is to celebrate the arts by exhibiting diverse, quality visuals and performing arts through the support of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing population. The essence of this organization is to enrich and educate the audience through personal interaction among Deaf and Hard of Hearing Artists.


Since 1986, Experimenta has transformed public spaces, exhibition venues and corporate environments into captivating, interactive, and thought provoking destinations. From large-scale outdoor installations to intimate and extraordinary indoor exhibitions, the artworks shown worldwide by Experimenta are always evocative, intriguing and uniquely multi-sensory. Experimenta has three major operational objectives: commissioning, exhibiting and touring the best of contemporary new media art. These three objectives unite in the realisation of a major international biennial of media art, launched in Melbourne Australia before embarking on a subsequent two-year national and international tour.


FILE is promoted by the company FILE Festival Internacional de Linguagem Eletrônica, established in the city of São Paulo, state of São Paulo.


Festival of culture jamming, modified technologies and radical entertainment.

The variety of approaches used by THE INFLUENCERS (guerrilla communication, music plagiarism, media performance, hacking of digital technologies, etc.) reflect conscious and strategic choices made by the initiators of these projects. Their practices show that more effective results are obtained when knowledge and resources from different fields are brought together and connected in unexpected ways. For this reason, THE INFLUENCERS don’t fetishize digital technologies as high-tech gadgets. The guest artists or groups sense that the real change made possible by the Internet, peer-to-peer protocols and the mass availability of digital communications technologies in general is their potential to filter directly into daily life, and create a radically new type of public arena, and new potential and desire to act within it. “


Microwave Festival began in 1996 as an annual video art festival of the local video art institution Videotage. But as technology progressed and became more accessible, video art slowly evolved to involve other media; thus Microwave began to embrace the wider range of new media art. Apart from the grand annual festival, Microwave also endeavours to nurture a rising local new media arts community, organising various programmes such as educational workshops, seminars, forums and exhibitions.


NODE, is a Festival held in Italy, in Modena, every year to bring together visual arts and music with new technologies.


The Offf Festival is alternative music festival held annually since 2006. In addition to the music, the Off Festival also support a variety of independent arts and culture events, like exhibitions,workshops and movie screenings. It is also connected with promotion of volunteer programs.


This Is Not Art begins in 1998 as the National Young Writers Festival and the National Student Media Conference – Supported by and organised from the Octapod Association these two events take place in the week after the Newcastle Fringe Festival. The National Young Writers Festival is comprised of 70 sessions and 300 people from outside Newcastle attend. Having previously been organised by a committee of the Fringe Festival, in 1999 Electrofringe becomes an independent festival that takes place in conjunction with the National Young Writers Festival and the Student Media Conference. This sees the event effectively double in size and scale, and the audience is increased to over a thousand attendees.
With the addition of Sound Summit – a National Independent Electronic Labels Conference, and an Independent Radio Conference, the term This Is Not Art is coined to explain the five very different but interconnected events.


Pixelache Helsinki (‘Pikseliähky’) is a festival of electronic art and subcultures, organised in Helsinki since year 2002. The festival programme consists of seminars, workshops, exhibitions, performances, concerts and club events.


Run by Trampoline the Radiator Festival takes place every second year in Nottingham. While involving partners from throughout the East Midlands, the festival umbrellas Trampolines second home Berlin. Radiator is a high reaching festival blending an exhibition of specially commissioned artworks with a wide variety of other arts events, activities and screenings, community resources, networking opportunities and technical workshops.


The annual Re.new Digital Arts Festival is a meeting-point for all those active in the art- science-technology amalgam. The event is a platform for artists, technologists, curators, researchers and scientists alike, and facilitates networking, knowledge sharing and dissemination.


Sonar is the festival of advanced music and multimedia art that takes place at various venues in Barcelona (Spain) in the third week of June since 1994.

Sonar is a pioneering festival that is unique in terms of its format and content: a leading international benchmark thanks to a carefully assembled range of culture that combines entertainment with artistry, the avant garde and experimentation, featuring the most consolidated artists and trends in electronic music and their interactions and hybridisations with other genres.

As well as the Barcelona event, in 2010 Sonar held a simultaneous festival for the first time in its 17-year history, entitled Sonar Galicia, in A Coruña (North of Spain). Sonar Galicia was created with a specific format, and a musical and artistic range inspired by the Barcelona festival. The new festival achieved major artistic and public success, and was attended by more than 14 thousand people in his first edition. The festival has regularly crossed Spanish frontiers since 2002 with events in various parts of the world, adapting the Sonar philosophy to unusual spaces and environments, and highlighting the most interesting aspects of Spanish talent and the scene in the city where it is held. To date, Sonar has travelled to London (an annual event since 2002), New York, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Seoul, Frankfurt, Chicago and Tokyo, among many other destinations.


Toolkit Festival is a project created by Martin Romeo, meant to create a meeting point for emerging national and international artists that work in the field of New Media Art. During the first two years of life, the event has managed to attract the attention of the national art world, involving many institutions and professionals in the field of New media Art.
The third edition, Contemplative Pathways, will be held in Venice from 9th-10th-11th of May 2013 at A plus A Slovenian Exhibition Centre and other areas.

The main goal of the Toolkit Festival is to improve the common knowledge of New Media Art and its ability to explore, research and experiment in the field of the interaction between artist, artwork and observer.
The main objective of the Festival is to describe the wide range of expressive possibilities contained by interactive arts; a type of approach to contemporary art that can transcend genres and open to the use of acoustic, visual, plastic and perfomative contributions in continuous change, thanks to use of technology. The continuous evolution of technology makes new media art subject to increased innovations, therefore the Toolkit Festival grows and becomes a tool to create a network that is extended from the local area to
the international art scene. The Festival wants to configure itself both as a mean of communication and as a mean of education through a program of exhibitions and workshops that will allow the public to participate, observe and explore some of the major ongoing researches within the New Media Art field.


Transmediale engages in reflective, aesthetic and speculative positions in between art, technology and culture. An annual festival and numerous cooperation projects articulate the relationship between technology and culture in non-linear, dynamic ways. transmediale expresses a critical understanding of technology as being more than the digital as well as of the cultural being more than what is going on within institutionalised fields of production. Accordingly, transmediale is a transdisciplinary platform, always searching for new avenues of artistic, academic, activist and everyday expressions.

Within the scope of its annual festival, transmediale includes exhibitions, conferences, film and video programmes, live performances and publications. It also participates in and supports long- and short-term collaboration projects unfolding throughout the year. Moreover it cooperates with club transmediale (CTM), which deals with electronic music and club culture.


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