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FRAME > 1.78 Madrid

by Arshake |     17 February 2018


Frame captures 1.78 Madrid, the sculpture by Janet Echelman suspended on Plaza Major in Madrid, part of her Earth Time’s series, started in 2010. The number in the title, 1,78, refers to the  number of microseconds that the day was shortened when a single physical event shifted the earth’s mass, thus speeding up the planet’s rotation of one day. 1.78 Madrid is a sculpture that marks the piazza built on the space of the old Piazza Arrabal that hosted the post popular market in the XV century, and reknown as the theatre of public executions, popular celebrations, such bullfights and religious events.

Janet Echelman,  1.78 Madrid, 2018
commissione by the City of  Madrid to celebrate Plaza Major’s 400 anniversary, photo via

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